Les nouvelles technologies : quels impacts sur la mutualisation des fonctions financières ?

Is your house in order?

Par Brijesh Luthra, Co-founders of The Values Forum Publié le 14/03/2019

Is your house in order?


Whose house? What order? And why is this proletarian phrase the title of an article in a prestigious publication for executives that drive the strategic direction of billion-dollar corporations? Maybe 7 minutes of your time (which, I promise is all that will tak you to read this) will provide the answer.

We will go about this exercise by applying the principle of the famous Cognitive Reflection Test – a simple three question test to differentiate the initial gut response and the potential correct answer which often requires deeper reflection. While this test originall focussed on human behaviour, we will focus on the topic – How to derive the maximum business value from Finance Centres ...